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Do you ever feel irritated sitting in traffic?

If you're like me, and many other people, than yes, you get irritated and frustrated while being stuck in traffic. You may feel hopeless, mad or out of control.

Dare I say, road rage...?!

I want to pass along a little breathing method which has helped me overcome some of my driving stressors.

It is an easy breathing technique called, Alternate Nostril Breathing. Yes, it's exactly like it sounds, simple right?

The Sanskrit name for alternate nostril breathing is Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. which means “subtle energy clearing breathing technique”,  and has shown to have stress reducing benefits. [1]

The benefits: Relax and re-energize. Clear you mind. This may help to avoid unnecessary stress and reduce the amount of stress in your life. Enjoy the small moment of peace while focusing on your breath.

The technique:
Start by bringing your hand up to your nose, grab the end of your nose with your thumb and
index finger.

Gently squeeze, making sure you can block the airways.
Release the pressure from your nose.

Close your mouth through this exercise, breathing through one of your nostrils at a time.

Apply pressure with your thumb so one side of your nose is blocked off.

Breathe in through the side that is left open. A deep breath where you feel like you can’t take in
any more air, hold it, then exhale through the same nostril, keeping pressure on the one side.
Next, switch fingers so that your thumb is off the nose and your index finger is blocking the
opposite nostril.

Inhale through this now open nostril. Deep breath again, make sure you keep your mouth shut,
hold your breath in for a moment, enjoying that gulp of oxygen, then exhale through the same,
free flowing nostril.

Keep up this practice.

Covering one nostril with a finger, breathing in and out on the same side, then releasing the
index finger and covering the opposite nostril with your thumb (or other finger) and then deep
breath in and out.

While practicing this, in your mind, you may say the words, inhale… , exhale…, if your mind
can’t stop focusing on the surrounding distractions.

And remember, it is long, slow, deep breathes. Enjoy this time you have to focus on breathing.
It is close to 11 k gallons of air we breathe a day…that is a ton of oxygen you are flooding into
your system.

Enjoy the time with your breath. Your body will thank you, your spirit will thank you and your mind will thank you. Breathing is a major contributor to your overall well being.

Thank you for reading about this relaxing breathing technique to try next time you get upset in traffic.

My hopes are that it will help you find a moment of peace and avoid stress.

Remember stress does a lot of harm inside our bodies. With this breathing technique, the body realigns it's two working halves and subtly clears energy.

This practice helps me keep a clear mind and purpose of the day.

If you would like more details, watch this 4 minute tutorial on alternate nostril breathing.
[ Watch tutorial on Nadi Shodhana Pranayama here ]

They describe the technique and it's benefits wonderfully!

Please try this next time you feel a little heated behind the wheel.

Many blessings ~

[1] Pubmed article;
Differential effects of uninostril and alternate nostril pranayamas on cardiovascular parameters and reaction time
<![CDATA[Forest Bathing, a way to relax.]]>Sat, 23 Nov 2019 03:01:23 GMThttp://holistichyena.com/habits/forest-bathing-a-way-to-relax
The other day walking my dog, Sugi, I was struck by a burst of sunlight shining through the mossy limbs of the thick forest.
It was then I stopped, looked up and was stunned by the awe of natures beauty all around me. It was overwhelming. There were golden, autumn streaks blaring through the intertwining, moss saturated branches.

There was the occasional dew drip falling onto the leaves beneath me on the forest floor. The air was filled with a fresh maple, alder, woodsy scent that seemed to mist my face as I walked through the occasional patch of fog.

My dog would run up the trail a little, stop, and wait for me to start moving again. I was entranced by the forest and it's smells, gazing around and tuning my ears in.

It was in those moments, that all was completely still. Those quiet moments are when I feel connected and fully in the present moment.

It is a sot of meditation practice, a forest meditation. I forget about all the other worries and focus on what is around me at that second.

I focus on all the tiny crawlers on the forest floor, the birds flying around and the dramatic sun rays bursting through the moisture rich, vibrant green mossy limbs. I look intensely at all the flora and fauna encircling me.

That is what I call forest bathing. It is a way to be deeply involved in the moment. It is a way to relax.

There are studies showing that forest bathing has an overall calming affect on the body and may help relief stress.

"The morning mist in the trees of this picture, highlights the sun rays flooding the forest."
The Japanese name for forest bathing is shinrin yoku. It shows benefits on both the mental and physical well being.

The studies of shinrin yoku show that the human body is calmed after being out in the forest and nature. This is now being applied as a stress management tool, an aide in rehabilitation and a preventative health care practice.

I have noticed positive effects in my mindset after forest bathing and believe more should practice it! In a world that is so hectic and fast-paced, it is good to slow down and take in the work of mother nature.

The more you bathe your senses in natures sounds, feels, smells, sights and all it has to offer, the more connected you can feel!
Traditional forest bathing also hosts a tea ceremony at the end. It is a tea served after being in a deep forest meditation for some time. It is seen as a time to bring the forest bathing experience to a closure and summarizing what was noticed and felt in the days session.

Forest bathing should be a more common practice.

It is a beneficial habit to get connected back to nature, lower blood pressure, relief stress and other positive effects.

Stay in tune with nature and it will guide you down the right path. Beauty is all around. Nature has a million gifts to offer, you just need to open your eyes and accept them.

I hope you delight in some forest bathing soon!

Feel free to tell me about a time you have done some forest bathing below.

Video below on the ancient Japanese ritual, shinrin-yoku.
This video graciously presented by the Casa do Valle in Portugal.

<![CDATA[A place to express holistic knowledge.]]>Wed, 20 Nov 2019 03:59:00 GMThttp://holistichyena.com/habits/a-place-to-express-holistic-knowledge
I practice living a holistic, healthy life and want to share my habits with you. My hopes are to increase positivity and health in the world. Being positive, active and present in the moment leads me to a happy life, so why can't it for you?!

This is the place I have chosen to share all those habits. Holistic Hyena is a den full of holistic living tips! Why hyena? Well, hyenas are fierce, wild and laugh a ton!

Laughter really is the best medicine.

I look at each morning as gift and instantly think about what I am grateful for.

Being grateful helps me to enjoy the small things. All of the pieces of matter that make up this being.

There is a way to slow down time, it is called being present. Being present in the moment means being aware of all that is. All the smells, the feels, the looks, all of it. Enjoy it for all it is worth and your days will feel more fulfilled.
Sunrise over Church Mountain - Morning Gratitude Practice
To me, living holistically is important because it keeps all the systems aligned and present. Holism is an all encompassing way to look at life. You can apply this method to all aspects of life intertwining mind, body and soul.
Some ways I connect all these on a whole level is by practicing yoga, walking, meditation, cooking and being creative. Let go of any drab, societal ways of thinking and enjoy a fierce, wild side of life!

Enjoy the small things in life, be grateful and stay in the present!
Meditation practice looking out towards Mt. Baker at sunset.
I am constantly learning and always open to discussion, just please keep it on the positive side.

Keep living life energetically!